Evelyn s'en va en Europe cet été

Evelyn s'envolera en Europe! Elle n'en revient tout simplement pas. Enfin quelque chose de nouveau
I'm back! with big news. In May, I'll be leaving the continent for a couple of weeks. Probably going to be travelling to Greece (or England... still not sure though), and definitely to Hungary. I'm exited! And I'll be broke when I return, but let's not talk about it. Basically, my month of May is completely booked (hopefully, I'll have a condensed session at school...) 1 week in Hungary, 2 in another country of our choice, Spartan Race (OMG, I really must start to train ASAP). 
Is it weird that I'm already starting to make lists of things to bring... 6 months before leaving?. I don't know. I don't care. I'm just simply super excited. (yup, never left the continent... is it that obvious?)

About me

I'm a 23 years old French-Canadian nursing student who likes art in about all its forms. 
I've been playing the violin for 15 years and it is a vital part of my life. I've got three tattoos, and more to come. I'm a very shy, awkward girl, often living in my own world, but hey, it makes me who I am, unique. After uni, I will be spending a year in Australia. I mean, I've met people, and one of them offered me surf lessons. I'm a very positive and smiling girl and I love vintage and thrift shops, even though there aren't any close shops. I have a dog, a goldendoodle, named Bungee, and a guinea pig, Mo.
I still don't know what this blog will be about, but it will be something that I do mainly for myself. Beauty, fashion, music, photography, travelling, and my life in general, I guess. It will be a pretty simple blog, probably without big paragraphs of text, as I am not a very good writer.

(Who actually reads the "About Me" posts... I hate writing about myself..)