Ces derniers jours de chevelure blonde

Hat : Missguided
Dress : H&M
Shoes : Call It Spring
At the beginning of October, I've accepted to be a hair model, and my blonde locks have been replace with a pale copper. These pictures have been taken a couple of days before that, and looking at them now makes me think how much I miss having blonde hair and no bangs. I had forgotten how much of a pain in the ass bangs were, and even though they look pretty, I'm not up for the commitment !
End of the semester and of the Cegep altogether is coming way too fast; big exam in less than a month and I am totally stressing out ! On the positive side, I'll be able to work as a nurse after that, but until then, I will have no social life whatsoever... This kinda sucks, Studying is not my forte.


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